IDS Doesn’t Like ‘Unconventionial’ Families

‘IDS and Children‘ search results.  Lots of ‘pointing’.  Trouble is Ian, children don’t react very well to pointing and telling off.  Better to engage them in the debate.

All those hard-working step-parents must be really pleased to hear the latest from this plonker.  The experience of the step parent is that it is a very hard job and sometimes quite daunting.  I have experience of several cases and I don’t recognize IDS’s description.  Far from being ‘feckless’, the step parent quite often over does it.  Running the gauntlet of Parent teacher Evening – of course I’ll supervise homework more stringently – attending school social events – dressing in a ridiculous tux and paying a fortune for ‘Summer Ball’ tickets, sitting through the school concert after having had to create various costumes for Bugsy Malone, doing ‘car-park’ duty at Saturday Football, dealing with teenage finance issues, finding how expensive it is to feed the step kids and friends on the weekend etc.

In my experience, they do a marvellous job.  The kids enjoy a wider exposure to ‘sensible’ adults and role models which they eventually grow to appreciate after quite a few years of ‘Well, you’re NOT my father’ when the hapless individual tries to point out some worrying misdemeanor or to teach them table manners.

IDS cites a ‘two child policy’ but has 4 of his own.  Hmmm no double standards there then.  His Wiki entry has masses about HIM and a couple of lines about the family.  Hmmm feckless parent anyone?  Lives rent free with the father-in-law.  What, not even left home yet?

Mirror picks up on IDS’s mostly tax-payer funded life experiences.

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