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Atos’s ‘fit-for-work’ Tests Have Driven Another To a Premature Death

Teen’s letter about cruel effects of Atos hand-delivered by Record to Iain Duncan Smith’s Whitehall office ‘The 13-year-old accuses Atos of killing his dad after the French firm deemed him “fit for work” – despite a stroke that left him … Continue reading

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We All Make Mistakes

I filled in a questionnaire for 38 Degrees.  Hmmm, it said a Times Journo was curious about the group.  It appears that other 38 Degreers were not quite so easily taken in having immediately ‘smelled the coffee’.  I admit I … Continue reading

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Threats To Take Down Facebook

Well, it’s rumoured that Facebook is run by Israel anyhow, and that  Zuckerberg is just the public persona, so I guess they’ve collected all the information they need or that this Elite tool has backfired somewhat on them. As for … Continue reading

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Monsanto and GMO and This Mad Elite – William Engdahl Lecture

This US speaker is just reminding us why Free Range and Natural Products are so important to our health.  This ties in well with the movement to save the West Watford Allotments for future generations.  It’s a matter of healthy … Continue reading

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Desperate Times For the ConDem Government

Going to war.  It’s the last card in the pack when you’ve played all the rest.  Bliar used it despite huge protests.  Thatcher went all the way to the Falklands to ‘defend’ Britain.  Now CaMoron calls for action against Iran.  … Continue reading

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‘Misleading’ Atos Bid For Disability Tests Contract Should Be Investigated

It seems that ATOS has finally gone too far and brought too much attention to themselves.  Hopefully the information that the independent blog sites have kept turning up has had some effect. Now The Guardian is carrying news that Anne … Continue reading

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