Watford Observer Reports on ‘Save Farm Terrace Allotments’ Row

A Petition to save Farm Terrace allotments provoked an angry clash between Watford politicians.  Labour are on one side and LibDems are on the other.

Farm Terrace Allotments. Pic Courtesy http://www.watfordlabour.org.uk/save-farm-terrace.html

What does Richard Harrington say?  Well, in June he cosied up to the Watford Lions Club looking at all the good work done there teaching youngsters about growing stuff.  Funny, but that link is no longer available.  could it be that ‘housing crazy’ Richard has changed his mind?

Housing minister Grant Shapps with Watford MP Richard Harrington …. The charity helps people gain education and training, with a view to built around the Terrace Farm allotments, which have been in use since 1896.

Farm Terrace held an Open Day on 7 August 2012  http://www.watfordlions.co.uk/?p=1843 after politicians said that the allotments must now be subsumed under a housing development.


Lots of Debate about the Health Campus in early May 2012.  http://www.watfordlions.co.uk/?p=1065

Watford Coalition of Resistance highlights Farm Terrace Video Plea.

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