For Those With a Bit of Time On Their Hands

Guardian explains the conflict at the moment between Tories and FibDems.

EU Energy Policy Documents

Mind wanders – ‘We’re just interested in the facts Mam’

Comments Section is heavy going today … Wading on ….. we get given this

And this

Q:  And just what IS an Eco Nazi?

A:  “Eco-Nazi” is Torygraph-speak for anybody that thinks that carbon dioxide emissions cause climate change. See James Delingpole‘s comment pieces, passim, ibid.)’

Eco Nazi Rant

DigitalSpy with the John Hayes Fan Club

New Statesman carries a lively description of exchanges between Labour and ConDems today.  Think I better have a look …

Parliament TV 31 October 2012

PMQ 31 October 2012 – Cameron looking a bit ‘ambushed’ on EU by both sides.

Now for the cocoa ….. Aah …

Lot of purple in the house on both sides.  Is there a message there?

Elite rising for All Saints Day or is that the 31 October 2012?

Well, what’s booked in diary so far Dave?

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