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Don’t Be Fooled By Operation Jubilee

Operation Jubilee 5 November 2012 – the numbers add up. 9/11, 5/11, 7/7 etc. The Tap reports that this is Elite ‘Managed Opposition’ which is similar to the ‘Riots’ last year.  Advice is not to get involved.  Any violence allows … Continue reading

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Little Has Been Said About David Cameron’s Address to Jewish Fundraisers This Week

David Cameron has close ties with Friends of Israel.  The JC talks about his backers.  Richard Harrington is on the list. http://website.thejc.com/home.aspx?AId=46698&ATypeId=1&search=true2&srchstr=+%2B%22big+jewish+backers%2B%22&srchtxt=0&srchhead=1&srchauthor=0&srchsandp=0&scsrch=0 “‘Agent Cameron’, as one of my friend calls him (you’ll see why in a minute), made the following … Continue reading

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Telegraph Warns About Getting Ready For Child Benefit Fiasco

http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/iainmartin1/100185919/get-ready-for-george-osbornes-child-benefit-fiasco/ Wolfhounds – The Anti-Midas Touch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0IgEjIuxkQ&feature=youtu.be http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/9121107/George-Osborne-faces-Labour-squeeze-over-scrapping-of-child-benefit.html NLAT

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What Business Could Trust These Pillocks?

In the UK, ‘More solar firms have joined legal action seeking damages from the government over its handling of cuts to feed-in tariff payments, increasing the claim from £2.2 million to around £50 million.’ While in Germany, solar installation has … Continue reading

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Complaints From Funchal Madeira About Level of Prostitution

http://madeiraislanddirect.com/blog/tag/prostitution/ Trafficking Report  http://www.iom.int/france/english/pdf_eng/portugalstop.pdf July 19 2012 there was a report of forest fire on the island. 20 July 2012 – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-18919736 http://www.windsorstar.com/news/Forest+fires+rage+Portugals+Madeira+Island+panicked+residents+flee/6958092/story.html  Link not working?  Try the one above.

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BBC Skirts Around Privitisation of NHS

Chris Patten told Jeremy Hunt that ‘He badly wanted the BBC job’ and Jeremy Hunt said ‘We’ll see what we can do, Chris’.  The rest is history. http://southwestnhsfightback.co.uk/2012/10/18/bbc-chairmans-links-to-private-health-care/ ‘When the Health and Social Care Bill was introduced into parliament, Patten … Continue reading

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Chris Grayling Defends Outsourcing, Erm Privatising, of Probation Service

Well he would.  He’s personally benefited from a company already with contracts in UK.  Meanwhile, David Cameron hides this policy behind two buzzwords ‘tough but intelligent’.  What we will get is parasitic underqualified firms such as A4E, G4S, and the … Continue reading

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Michael Gove Reignites Plebgate with a Japanese Film Reference

“There’s a Japanese film, I think it’s called Rashomon, in which different participants who see the same event all have different recollections of it. I wasn’t there. I trust Andrew, and I’m always inclined to give him the benefit of … Continue reading

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