Cameron Knew Dam Well He Was Going To Privatise NHS

Despite telling the electorate that the NHS was safe with him, he knew he was lying.

Ali Parsa Circle Health. Pic Courtesy

There’s that bald head and glasses again.  Nick, I mean Ali or is it Ian.  I’m confused.  Anyway this chap is Managing Partner of Circle Health but no pictures of Christina Linnet.  Is she real?

Ali is probably quite a genius with lamps.

Lady With the Lamp. Pic Courtesy

It seems Birmingham is going to be an RLB Health Hub.

Oh well, almost panto season. This year show set in Hinchingbrooke Hospital Cambridge.  Good bit of real estate I guess.  How much again?

Audience laughter.

Then Daily Mail reporter wanders on dressed in short pants and reads from a large book of fairytales with gold edging on the pages and red ribbon as a bookmark.  Of course the Tory genie appears out of the lamp and all the shareholders get given large bags of gold.

The End.

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