Cameron’s Comedy of Errors MGHMOHS

I thought this Government was weak but when I read this list, what the writer says is true.  Why have the press not been more interested.

Cameron at ASDA Vid

Ten people killed themselves because of Government cuts to benefit.  That’s ten too many!

More information at –


Four hedge fund moguls buy an NHS Hospital from Tory Party for £1,410,928.

GovWatch:  Let the party/wake begin?  I would only expect Tories to be able to enjoy a party at a time like this though.

Just In – Cameron has decided that after his Comedy success, he is going to appear on US Television on Letterman.

Letterman was first in London in 1972.

Well DM has an article and some Vid of his performance.   Basically, he went on Letterman because the British public could only see the best bits.  If it had been Newsnight, it would have been more newsworthy.

Harry Says‘We voted for a Prime Minister that has all the depth of a car-park puddle. If someone who attended supposedly one of the best schools in the country cannot at least have a stab at translating the words ‘magna’and ‘carta’ then I am profoundly glad none of mine went there. What a waste of time, money and effort this clown is. What will the average American viewer take away from this?’

But then

Richard Says: Actually, I think the denigration here is a little unfair. I hate the arrogant posh boy but let us be reasonable. Magna Carta Island although not now an island has been an island and further although the popular view is that it was the barons’ retreat from Runnymede it is arguable that as land ownership then went it was part of Runnymede. The 1215 Magna Carta was not signed but sealed (and only by the king). Later documents of the same name may have been signed but elsewhere. It is not possible to be certain where “the original” is: it was issued in copies. And I certainly would have interpreted the question “what does it mean” as an invitation to explain the contents, not to translate the words “Magna Carta” (the conventional translation for which is NOT “Big Charter” as some suggest but “The Great Charter”)

Channel 4 Blogger

Here Cameron tries to tell father of disabled child he’ll have better schooling choice under Tories.  And now Toby Young says exclude them from mainstream.  This father was so right in 2010.

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