Watford MP In Spain?

‘Richard Harrington en el nuevo gobierno de Cameron’

Scribbled the newshound.  What?  The wires crackled.  ‘Didn’t I see him at the ParaOlympics?’  ‘No in Spain on a charm offensive for David Cameron.  Overseas Dev and all that.’  ‘Well I’ll be …’

Background to the Story

‘Friday July 13
9.30am: Second reading of the following private members’ bills:
followed by Scrap Metal Dealers Bill (Richard Ottaway MP, Con, Croydon South);
followed by Prevention of Social Housing Fraud Bill (Richard Harrington MP, Con, Watford);’  (Pinsent Masons)

‘Richard’s on the square?’  Well I never.’  ‘Who’d have thought?’


Hold on, ‘It’s twins.’


Hot Sausage

Tory MP who as Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury is a high-ranking member of Chancellor George Osborne’s team, hit the airwaves to announce the climb down, saying it would be a “mistake” to slap VAT on hot sausage …’

OOOH sexie David er Richard er ???

Are YOU hot enough to represent Watford constituents?  Cooer.

Tory girl bait, David and Richard Gauke-Harrington at play in Watford recently.

More scarey stuff.

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