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Putin Has Become a Sort of Hero

http://www.projectworldawareness.com/2012/03/breaking-united-states-new-hero-vladimir-putin-russia-issues-international-arrest-warrant-for-rothschild-henchman-leftist-savior-george-soros/ http://politicalvelcraft.org/2012/03/22/uks-rothschild-loses-puppet-master-libel-case-rare-legally-documented-insight-into-the-conspiracy-of-the-richest-1-nwo-puppet-masters/

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Resource 2012 Conference at Oxford University in July

Guess I missed it. It seems that they are much occupied with  finite world resources versus the growing world population.  Well, if the elite didn’t hog so much of world resources, then things might be a bit fairer!  For instance, … Continue reading

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ATOS Chief Exec Thierry Breton Received £1.95 Million in 2011

The private firm behind controversial sickness benefit tests have been slammed for awarding their chief executive almost £1million in bonus payments.  International company Atos are contracted to reassess people claiming sickness and disability benefits.  Heart attack and lung-disease victims are … Continue reading

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Let’s Get These Chickens to Establish Some Law and Order Around Here


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The Debate About Selling Off School Playing Fields Widens

It seems it all comes down to who wants to get their mits on the title deeds to land.  The schools are starved of cash and have to make improvements.  The Tories therefore force controlling authorities to raise the funds … Continue reading

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