Mystery of All Those Empty Olympics Seats

The Americans have been commenting on the phenomonen.

Let’s ask Jackie Brock Doyle.  Jackie who?  You know her, blond hair and a tan.  Ah, right ….

Well Jackie Brock Doyle Locog, says ‘Firstly my name is too long and secondly there is a problem of public seats allocated for sale abroad, and thirdly accredited members of international sporting federations whose representatives have not turned up.’ Why didn’t the tickets sell Jackie and why didn’t the sporting feds turn up? Bit creepy isn’t it Jackie?  Do they know something we don’t know Jackie?

Empty seats Tlegraph noticed.

LOCOG, ATHOC and other cock and bull stories.

Comment:  Did ‘the people’ get seats?  Heck no, so they f****d off on holiday, didn’t they.  Now rows of vacant seats.  Quelle surprise?  Now David Cameron is rushing about trying to personally fill them all like some kind of Tory Superhero.   Lordy, Lordy.

Army called in.

Incisive words from Independent correspondent.

Free Tickets here and here and here.

IOC Members couldn’t be Arsed to get out of bed to make use of the seats allocated to them.

Super High Vision Anybody?

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