What’s Happened in the Pool So Far?

Well, Ryan Lochte (US) wins Men’s 400 Metres Individual Medley .

Ryan Lochte Pic edition.cnn.com


Australian Women’s 4 by 200 Metres Relay Team win Gold.


Australian Women’s Relay Team Celebrate www.smh.com.au.


‘Back in Sydney 12 years ago an American quartet turned up at the Games and said they would smash the Australian opposition like guitars in the men’s 4x100m freestyle relay. When Ian Thorpe brought home the host nation ahead of the United States in the final, he and his team-mates celebrated by thrashing away at some air guitars. Touche.  There is something similar brewing out in the London water. James Magnusson has just anchored home the Australian team ahead of their American rivals.’


Well, what happened to the Australian Relay Team in the finals then?  Who are they?  Are they still finishing?

‘Ryan Lochte entered the water with a lead of 0.3 seconds but finished second as he couldn’t hold off Yannick Agnel in the final lap of the race.’


Yannick Agnel?  Which team is that again?  Why it’s the FRENCH.  Sacre bleu!  Ces grenouilles ont nagé dans notre piscine de nouveau.  However, a great swim by the French team.  Well done.

French Mens 4 by 100 Freestyle Relay Team.

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