Casting Spells

‘that April, in Paris, Blair had a “premonition”. He woke Cherie up to say: “If John dies, I will be leader, not Gordon.”‘

That Annoying Balmoral Piper

Piper in Royal Stewart Tartan.

31 August is ‘The Big One‘ to quote one Boris Johnson.

What IS Boris talking about then?

Blair ‘also condemned the ‘demonic skill‘ of ….’

Comment:  Well, he should know when it comes to ‘demonic’.

Tam Dalyell

The Importance of Being Awkward. The dedication is “To the men and women of West Lothian – Labour, SNP, Conservative, Liberal, Communist – who, whatever their political opinions, were kind to me in all sorts of ways over 43 years as their representative in the House of Commons.” Wiki.

Interesting Pic

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