Tory Treatment of Senior Female Civil Servants Needs to be Looked at More Closely

Hidden here is the true  AchillesHeel of the Tories.  They are seen to not like women and it seems lots of women don’t like them.  It is said women find David Cameron a turnoff for instance, because he said he doesn’t wear a wedding ring.  I know this is quite a facile remark, but Mr Cameron spent much time courting NetMums here in Watford.  However, I expect his ‘body language’ shouted insincerity.  He also made that unfortunate patronising remark to Yvette Cooper.  The reason for Cameron’s ire is that Yvette is a very able operator (and she’s better looking) whereas he suffers from a private inferiority complex compounded by a sense of superiority drummed into him at Eton.  So she makes him jealous.  Hence the attempted ‘put-down’.

Hear it for Yourself

Now we hear that a senior female civil servant with 26 years’ experience is ‘moving on’.  Are women used to take the rap for this Government’s incompetence?

Body Language at NetMums Watford.

Ms Wallace at Select Committee

Tuesday 17 July 2012

(Argument is Energy Prices Going Up not Down and ‘Big Six’ Not Tightening Their Belt) New idea is ‘Collective Switching’.

TwitWit says:  ‘Ed Davey is convinced decarbonisation is a big, scientific word.’

Ms Wallace next to Ed Davey.

Ed Davey says in response to a point about ‘too many mixed messages’.  ‘There’s only so much we can do when we want the market to be competitive.’  In other words Tory Mantra that Private Enterprise delivers the cheapest deal is hard to nail with regards to prices of energy.  Yet another acronym – OFGEM

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