Jeremy *unt – It’s OK to Fail When the Project is this Big?

NLAT  “I don’t think this is a moment for getting into the blame game. G4S have been quite honourable. It is completely normal that you are going to find some contractors on a project of this size who are not going to be able to deliver.”
Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport

I’ve never heard that comment applied to NHS or Teachers teaching GCSE and A Levels!


Tickets Printed in US

Men’s 100m final costing up to £725.

Cost just £3.

Tour Bus Gets Lost – Telegraph Again

“For fans of the BBC comedy series Twenty Twelve, it would have seemed all too familiar.

An official tour of the Olympic Park in London for the world’s media got off to an inauspicious start this morning when the buses taking journalists from the stadium to the athletes’ village managed to get lost.”

Comments All Priceless

Olympishambles indeed.

Who is Nick Buckles Anyhow?

Cripes! Scary. No Wonder Security Staff buckled at the thought of working for G4S.

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