Cameron Promises ‘sleeve rolled up government’ – Quoi?

‘Last time they did that they were thrown out of an NHS ward’ quipped a blogger yesterday.

Let’s just see that ‘sleeve rolled up Government’ again.

Re his Recent Outburst About Jimmy Carr:

Cameron and Carr are both Comedians, so Cameron’s recent blast against his colleague is hard to understand in that he said Jimmy Carr’s payment of minimum tax is immoral.  Here they are ‘on the circuit’.

Cameron doing his hugely popular ‘We’re all in this together’ line, using table tennis bat as a convenient stage prop.

Jimmy Carr at a recent gig.

In fact when Cameron leaves office he could have his own TV show ‘When I Was PM’ – it would ‘bring the house down’, after all he’s already brought the UK economy to its knees.

Huff Puff Post ‘And Gary Barlow is “pissed off” .. ‘

Quest:  Who’s Gary Barlow?  Oh, Cammie knows ’em all.

An Article in (and optional pic gallery)

Various Recollections and Quotes from BBC

and finally,

Cameron is truly going to rue the day he commented on a private citizen’s tax affairs, describing them as “immoral”. I would bet that every singleTory party donor uses some sort of tax optimization to reduce their tax liabilities. It would only be fair if these private arrangements were now openly discussed in the media. After all, if the Prime Minister can discuss an individual’s tax arrangements why shouldn’t the newspapers?

The tax laws are kept deliberately complicated so that anyone not on PAYE can pay large sums to former tax inspectors in order to minimize their tax liabilities. The only two people in Britain that apparently didn’t know this was happening were Cameron and Osborne.


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