Tony Blair Coaching Cameron?

It seems that those who say our democracy is no longer alive are probably right after all!  I suppose Cameron did say something like ‘Heir to Blair’ and Blair went after the money with a vengeance since leaving office, but the latest to come out about Blair actually sitting down and telling Cameron how to push through the NHS Agenda and other Prime Ministerial matters beggars belief.  This news was pieced together from a bit in The Huffington Post, and a piece from The Daily Mail

There’s a thing in US called Camera Blair selling sex.  Probably just another TB Tax Haven op!  However, I was looking for a Cameroblair type image to add to this.  Someone must have one.  Wait a minute, Blair is actually Cameron.  We didn’t change government after all!  David Icke is right!  Blair just Shapeshifted.  He does inhabit the world of the dammed after all.

Pre Shapeshift

Post Shapeshift.

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