Someone Building a Link Map For Us

ArseneKnows21 May 2012 8:00AM

You can download the entire report from the Spectator, all 400 pages.

Disaster Capitalism of the worst kind brought to you by the those involved with the following organisations (amongst others – I’m still building the link map):

Institute of Economic Affairs
Heritage Foundation
Tobacco Manufacturers Association
National Federation Of Builders
Construction Confederation
The New Culture Forum Ltd
Civil Engineering Contractors Association
No Campaign Ltd
The European Foundation
Westbourne Comms Co Ltd
Major Contractors Group
Centre For Policy Studies
The Centre For Opposition Studies
The Centre For Research Into Post-Communist Economies
Conservatives in Communications
The Free Society
Adam Smith Institute
Hayek Society (LSE)
Big Brother Watch
Westminster Foundation
Young Britons’ Foundation – Advisory Council
Politics and Economics Research Trust
Mercatus Center
George Mason University

and many many more.

To start your own check Google this address: 55 Tufton Street, Westminster, London, SW1P 3QL

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