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posted 12-07-2011 15:29
QUOTE BoE, as regards Miliband, I can’t really find much fault with his present assault on both Cameron and NI. Given free rein, he’s been pretty vigorous, I’d say, despite his former reticence.I sense that with a lot of people in Labour – people like Harriet Harman who has been reasonable frank in admitting, yes, we cosied up far too much to Murdoch but who in the light of current events are experiencing genuine catharsis in their present antipathy, rather than merely jumping on the bandwagon.Same goes for Brown. After yesterday’s revelations, there were raised eyebrows about the fact that he’d gone to Rebekah Brooks’ wedding, as if to suggest his present state of anger was insincere. No fucking way was it insincere, I reckon. I’m quite prepared to believe that he’d have rather not have been at that wedding at all, indeed that it might have turned his stomach to have been there, but that he felt cowed by NI and obliged to go. I say that as one who has little time for Brown.The only one of those people I’m convinced would be squirming right now is Blair. That rictus, boggle-eyed weasel cosied up to Murdoch & co way above and beyond the call of duty and, of course, has been conspicuously silent these last few days. He even tried to get Brown to get Watson and Bryant to lay off their investigative work. Typical of him – same as with Berlusconi. Sure, there’s an extent to which you might accept that for realpolitik and diplomacy’s sake you might have to smile at him and shake his hand. But go on holiday with the fucker? UNQUOTE

This is from a site talking about Murdochgate.  If TB had any doubts about his popularity, he needs only to consult random blogs.  Any subject you care to name – sooner or later ….,com_kunena/Itemid,73/func,view/id,546864/catid,28/limit,20/limitstart,800/

ADENDUM:  Picked this up as well

NED, USAID and many others….like the US institute for Peace…or interfaith Dialogue…etc etc. are ALL CIA front organizations wall to wall….. (TB Faith Foundation?)

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