This Comes From Responses For an Article I Was Reading About the NHS

QUOTE It all comes down to the fact that some people have a lot of money and want it to work for them. Years ago they realised the stock markets were not sustainable and they would lose their investments, at which point they were made accessible to the average person and the rich invested in the one thing we will always need that will always have a turnover. The public services. We’ve seen what happened to the trains and now education and the NHS are up for grabs. These are institutions that should not be about profit but about service. No excuse can be given for allowing this to happen we are about to have an appalling health service and education will suffer leading to a new generation of product students that won’t have had the benefit older generations enjoyed.UNQUOTE

I thought I was ‘onto it’ but after reading all the comments, I feel they are saying it better.

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