Cameron Puts His Foot Down

I have written about this to a couple of folk and I thought I’d write it here as well.  This was prompted by a piece in The Independent today commenting on pretty much what I was thinking.

It has to be said that ‘Our Leader’ and I don’t rate Cameron’s political or intellectual skills very highly.  I have arrived at this by observing that he never puts himself in Q&A situations with the press – particularly with attack dogs like Paxman or Jon Snow.  He usually reads out some ‘briefing’ or other and then ‘rushes off busily’.  If needbe, he sends out Nick Clegg to handle ‘curly’ questions.

When is Cameron going to get tough?  Well, he did.  He really told FIFA where to get off.  That’s all very well, but what about tax dodgers and bankers bonuses?  As The Independent’s article points out, ‘Cameron’s tough bonus talk is ”hot air”.’

Independent Saturday 12 November 2011.

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